Norah Jeruto Tanui, nationality

The Athletics Integrity Unit said on Friday that Norah Jeruto Tanui, who won the gold medal in the women's steeplechase, has been temporarily banned for doping.

The Kazakh runner, who was born in Kenya, triumphed in Eugene's 3,000-metre steeplechase last year.

The AIU said on Twitter that Norah Jeruto (Kenya/Kazakhstan) was temporarily blocked for using an unknown drug or technique.

In eight minutes and 53.02 seconds—the third-fastest time ever—Jeruto captured the global Olympics.

Recent months have seen a rise in doping incidents in her home country of Kenya.

A "pharmacological campaign," according to the AIU, is helping Kenyan athletes hide contamination, the organisation said earlier this week.

In another shocking trend, Before Paris Saint-Germain took down the video, Kylian Mbappe had protested on Thursday about the club's usage of a clip featuring him in their season-ticket promotional campaign.

After the team used a video interview with him in a film promoting ticket sales for the forthcoming season, PSG's star striker said that he would battle for "individual image rights."

Mbappe said on Instagram, "At no point was I made aware of the nature of the interview."

"It seemed to be a straightforward conversation held on a club marketing day. This uploaded video doesn't make sense to me."

"For this reason, I am advocating for the ownership of individual images." Kylian Saint-Germain is definitely not PSG, despite being a large club and family.

The video was eventually taken down from PSG's website and YouTube channel, but it can still be seen on other YouTube channels. PSG is the current French champion.

The one and only player to comment in the television commercial was Mbappe, the France captain.

There was no mention of Lionel Messi, who, according to a source who spoke to AFP earlier this week, will be leaving PSG after this season.

Also, absent from the game was Neymar, who is still dealing with an ankle ailment.

When reached, PSG declined to respond to Mbappe's comments.

Mbappe has fought for footballers' unique image rights while playing for France on the world stage.

In September of last year, he declined to participate in a photo session and said that he was okay with "putting me in the limelight if it benefits all of my teammates, regardless of whether it tends to mean I get condemned."

Because of what he did, the French Football Association changed the contract it had with footballers about their rights to their image.

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