Estate or village football match full of fans

Why are football league matches in Africa always without fans, but the estate and village tournaments are full of fans? What attracts fans to the tournaments?

Proximity to the stadium plus no hustle of going to big stadiums as football is top notch Pure talent and passion to play at the estate while tribalism hits Kenyan clubs and the national team.

Football stadiums, where football league matches are played, have heavily armed police officers, while local matches have no police. People would rather catch a game at Camp Toyoyo than go to Nyayo Stadium.

The Premier League commercial complex, anchored by their broadcasting, betting, and other commercial partners, is a thing whose power and effect on our own leagues aren't easy to see. Sports is an attention/mind share economy, and they have bought all of it.

Every single game here is on a weekday at 3 p.m. The only people who can attend are those who are idle or unemployed. Both those categories can’t afford tickets. My local game will be on a Saturday afternoon. It’s not rocket science.

Most estate players are guys known by the community in that or those estates, so you find they will show up to support and watch their guys, but leagues have mostly players from all over the country and different communities. So, it's hard-to-get people to travel just to support their own.

Media, journalists, and influencers based at the local level do a great job driving attention and local banter. National media forgets national leagues and teams and is absent at the national level.

They're captive audiences driving attention for the EPL/UEFA commercial complex.

Match scheduling, match day hours, and the football calendar; promotion and marketing; corruption in recruiting; and putting out a low-quality product that can't attract investors. 

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