The renowned musician Colonel Mustafa

The renowned musician Colonel Mustafa has made a financial assistance request to Kenyans in order to assist with his mother's cancer treatment.

Mustafa said during an appearance with the Gold Mine programme that his mother's therapy will cost between Ksh1 million and Ksh1.5 million.

"Tuko sehemu mzuri tumebakisha, let's say tukiipata 1 million ama 1.5 million hivi. I think tutamaliizana na hio story mama atapata kutibiwa.

"After hapo sasa kama ni mziki itanisimamia ama ni kazi mtanipea ntaezana nayo," he stated.

Another argument

The "Lenga Stress" hitmaker is pleading for money for the second time.

A total of Ksh 600,00 from Kenyans and Ksh 1 million from Jaguar and his closest associates had been donated to him.

He explained at that moment how he intended to use the funds after paying for his mother's medical expenses.

"Nyumba ambayo anaishi haiko fiti nitamsaidia juu chini kumfurahisha, nitajaribu sana kummalizia kibanda yake. She has always wanted to visit Mecca," he said.

The musician gained notoriety when a video of him labouring at the 'Mjengo' building site sparked comments from fans who were curious as to why his life had taken such a drastic turn.

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