President William Ruto

President William Ruto has spoken out about how Kenyans have dubbed him "Zakayo" because of his aggressive tax collection efforts.

When KRA employees requested that a tax collectors' day be hosted in the State House, Ruto responded.

"Since I've been previously called Zakayo in some places, Ruto suggested that perhaps we hold a day dedicated to tax collectors. I'll give it some thought."

The President originally got the moniker Zakayo from Kenyans because of his aspirations to increase tax revenue.

William Ruto, the president, claims that he consistently makes sure to be completely tax compliant and to have paid all taxes owed to the government in full and on time.

The President said that everyone in Kenya has a responsibility to pay their fair share of taxes so that the government can continue to deliver necessary public services as he spoke at the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) headquarters on May 26.

"I am here today to discharge a very significant personal responsibility that, in my opinion, should be made public to all Kenyans as a demonstration of my determination to carry out my responsibilities as a citizen, as a leader, and as President.

"For purposes of record, let me say that I have always made an effort to be completely tax compliant and to return all of my taxes to government agencies in total at the same time. This activity is not just a play or another meaningless performance for the masses," the president emphasised.

In the Bible, who was Zakayo?

Biblical figure Zakayo, a top tax collector who lived in Jericho when the Roman Empire ruled as the world's superpower, is the Swahili translation of Zacchaeus.

According to the Gospel account, Zacchaeus swore to relinquish any possessions he had obtained unlawfully four times after encountering Jesus and giving half of his fortune to the needy.


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