Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris and Raila Odinga

On Tuesday, June 20, Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris called out false rumours that claimed she had instructed former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to cease phoning.

The MP said in an announcement that she still respected the ODM party chief, whom she referred to as her party leader.

The bogus tweets claimed that she was under attack because of her current position towards government actions, in addition to requesting that Raila cease phoning her.

"I was chosen to represent Nairobi's citizens, not the Odinga family. He should quit calling me, and I won't submit to pressure," read the phoney post.

"Show this bogus news the disdain it so well ought to get. Passaris said, "I have only the highest respect for my party's leader, the Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga."

Due to the impending regulatory penalty the MP faces for supporting the Finance Bill 2023, the bogus tweets circulated on social media.

Passaris, MPs Aden Adow of Wajir South, Elisha Odhiambo of Gem, and Caroli Omondi of Suba South, approved the Finance Bill during its second reading in the House of Representatives in accordance with the decision that her party made at the Parliamentary Group meeting.

She argued that she continues to be a member of the opposition but is nevertheless in favour of the legislation since some of the schemes will assist the people in her district.

"I have been working with ODM since 2007, and I am currently with Azimio. Since then, I have backed Raila, and he has backed us as candidates.

"To make sure that our governing body has funding, we must remain steadfast. If the government is not able to collect taxes, where will we obtain the money from? People must pay taxes in order for the government to carry out its duties," she said at the time.

ODM has not yet decided what disciplinary action it will take against Passaris and her coworkers.

Edwin Sifuna, the party's secretary general and senator for Nairobi, made an apparent indication that the party intended to oust the legislators who supported the controversial measure.

"We addressed letters to the members of parliament who met with Ruto and supported the Finance Bill. We aren't interested in them joining our party as ODM," he said.

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