Lamu Island beaches

Hundreds of visitors are drawn to Lamu by the appeal of seeing the renowned "swimming lions" on the coastal island.

The locals claim that in recent weeks there has been an increase in visitors who expressly want to view the bizarre phenomenon of lions swimming in the water.

After President William Ruto spoke to visitors at the World Safari Rally event in Naivasha, Kenya, where he praised the stunning scenery and natural wonders the country has to offer, requests are claimed to have reached a peak a few days later.

President Ruto talked about how Kenya is the birthplace of humanity, the Suswa baboon parliament, the Tana River bathing elephants, and the Lamu swimming lions.


Local tour operators report a threefold increase in queries, many of which are requests to see the lions swim.

Ali Shee, a knowledgeable tour guide who specialises in archaeology and historical places, observed that whenever she picks up these visitors from their hotels, they want to be transported to the location where the lions swim.

He does, however, point out that this lovely phenomenon may have long since vanished due to human interference and modernism.

"I have never seen the swimming lions in my tenure as a tour guide, but I overhear stories," he remarked.

Lions and elephants formerly travelled from the mainland to Manda Island, according to revered local elder Mzee Kassim Salim.

However, these magnificent animals stopped migrating as a result of human endeavours taking supremacy and obstructing their routes.

Lions used to occasionally go from Kililana to Manda Island and return, but that is no longer the case, according to Salim.

With its UNESCO World Heritage classification and unspoiled seaside beauty, Lamu has long been an attractive option for nature lovers and thrill-seekers.

Tourists find it to be an idyllic location because of its beautiful beaches, blue oceans, and abundant marine life.

But since the news about the swimming lions spread, there have been a lot more queries and requests for excursions to see this unusual sight.

According to locals, guests from all over the world keep coming to be enthralled by the island's cultural heritage, outstanding wildlife, and flawless untouched beauty, leaving tourists with enduring impressions of this captivating coastal paradise, even though swimming lions may still only be an intriguing myth.

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