Preparations are expected to be finalized in Kenya this week in advance of the deployment of one thousand police officers to Haiti to restore peace. 

Kenya will be hosting Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

During this visit, Kenya will be hosting Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

After concluding his attendance at the 46th Ordinary Meeting of the Heads of State and Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in Guyana, the Prime Minister will proceed to Nairobi, according to a statement obtained by local media outlets from Henry's office. 

The summit is predicted to reach its culmination on February 28th.

Kenyan authorities have not yet issued an official statement regarding the forthcoming visit.

Regarding the finalization of the modalities for the Multinational Security Force's (MSF) deployment, Henry will consult with Kenyan and other African authorities, according to the statement.

After a court ruling in January halted the government's authority to dispatch police officers overseas, the deployment, which was originally scheduled for this month, was postponed. Notification of appeal of High Court decision has been lodged by the government.

The deployment has been described by President William Ruto as a "mission for humanity," which is consistent with Kenya's notable track record of supporting United Nations peacekeeping operations on an international scale.

The Haitian government declared on February 14 that it was persistently working with Kenyan authorities to reach an official agreement regarding the long-awaited deployment of the police force from Nairobi.

A multinational security force authorized by the United Nations to counter gang violence in Haiti has received financial support from the United States.

Increased instability has characterized Haitian affairs since the assassination of President Jovenel Moise in 2021; elections have not been conducted since 2016 and the presidency continues to be vacant.

The collaborative endeavor between Kenyan and Haitian law enforcement is a central objective of the multinational mission, which aims to confront the formidable threat that gangs present, given their superior numbers and weaponry.

Beginning in early October 2023, the mission received endorsement from the United Nations Security Council. 

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