Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Man impregnates mother-in-law after being enticed by his big manhood

Mother in Law impregnated

An incident occurred in Murang’a Town’s posh Kiharu Estate region when a man admitted to impregnating the spouse’s mother.
Samson Njenga, the father-in-law, came clean about his hidden search for male contraception—implants—because he did not want to have any more children. 
Because he was so cautious, his wife’s pregnancy news sent chills down his spine.
” I did not want to increase our family size, so I went to the doctor and chose the ribbon. 
“So, I discovered she had deviated from our covenant of marriage when my wife confessed she was pregnant,” Samson told reporters.
She confessed to being unfaithful but refused to reveal the man’s identify when he confronted his wife about it. 
She subsequently requested Mwangi, her son-in-law, and their daughter under the guise of seeking atonement after facing the potential of divorce and countless discussions.
The revelation that Samson’s mother-in-law had an affair with her son-in-law shocked Samson. Samson then gathered up members of the two families’ clans to discuss the matter.
The woman would get an abortion in accordance with the rites and Kikuyu traditions after long discussions with the elders.
“The family must perform rigorous purification rites to protect themselves from impending disasters because this violation is so serious in the eyes of the Kikuyu community.”
The mother in law claimed that the man had long manhood and she admired what her daughter has been playing all along.