A good wife is the one who prepares a nice soup from the kitchen for children.

Men always look for some who is flexible in food preparation. Someone who prepares nice food for the children. If she does not know how to cook, then she must be willing to explore and learn new cooking skills and foods. Food is something minor, but it has a big impact on any relationship. Some men will leave houses to other ladies who cook better food.

Loving and presentable wife will make the husband be around always. Presentation means getting to be shown on every occasion without feeling guilty. Others will really feel bad even to present their spouse due to some factors like talking and dressing.
Loving couples feel included to each other and are not shameful to one another. When a family live in harmony with the children as a way of getting happiness is real hard healthy and makes satisfaction.

Bed dance
He Majority of men like good bed dance rhythm which made things look good everyday. Bedding is a super feature in marriages. A research that was conducted 2015 show that couples who make love once a week live happily compared to those who do it at random or every day.

Being romantic to the children and to the husband is a good additional feature which many people have really been struggling to have. When children feel a gap in your absence, it's creating a custom inclusion when meeting again. Things that a husband can feel when the wife is around and feel I'm with the correct person for my children. Sometimes mothers can be very aggressive and canning, but all makes the children feel rejected and grows with a sense of revenging.

Motherly nature of the children.
Giving birth to children does not mean you have real motherly characteristics. The only way of showing mother nature is by providing enough mother support to the children. Getting started with the way children response towards home activities. Better mother shows the correct way of living with their children, even at a young age. They show children what to do in any circumstances. 

Every man is really struggling to a smart lady who thinks before utter any questions or suggestions. Smart mothers show a good inventory in home affairs and in other ways of living. Bright, wife is a blessing to the family as it creates a way of having brighter kids and intelligent family. Brighter ladies make or grows the family by looking several options in life. It's really interesting when all family members are intelligent and things run smoothly and excel for the family heads and children.

Exposure is a factor that makes couples find new ways of lifestyles. It makes people feel challenged and quickly finds ways of fixing problems in the families. Lack of exposure dooms the family and create cowardice.

Men like hard-working ladies just the same as women like to men. Getting someone who thinks three steps ahead has got a talent in the family. A Harding man and his wife create wealth and wisdom as all ways of struggling with life is known in all corners of the family.

Nice talks.
A nice lady is the one who talks with a sense of humor. Some who have a human in it and understand circumstances of life. A lady who encourages even if things are going vertical downwards. The one who is motivated by the failure and tries to get more and more solutions to the problems found and surrounding the family.

Honest and faithfully.
A good mother is the one who has and spend sometimes with the children and the husband. A wife who submits and honest in every deed to the family. Openness in the family is something to give a try, but it creates loopholes of family affairs.

The relationships for them to prosper there must some respect regardless of the individual capacity in both financial and intelligence. People who resolve problems and measure words, according to the environment. A family with respect is also respected by the community as it shows a good example for the young ones. Respect is supposed to be the first thing that the family dwells in as well as it's the one which builds the foundation of family status and background.

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