Poppular gospel singer is real dieing with this female actress from Tanzania.

A popular gospel singer has now opened his heart for Miss Elizabeth Michael popularly known as Lulu. This lady has been a controversial  relationship  with the  late Steven Kanumba. After the death of the popular  actress Lulu has been spotted  in several areas in Tanzania  with other female actresses and Bahati will not have any doubt that he has Bahati (Lucky) as the name suggests.

The gospel artist said that Lulu is great and can be a good  gift to have at home. Bahati who went missing  some months back came out with a lot of entertainment  and fun stories. "Because  its a year of blessings, he also wants to make a new beginning  in his life", said one of his close friends.

"Moto WA mama Bahati ako na Bahati Sanaa","uuuuuwwww heheheeee" as miss Elizabeth expresses with laughter. Does this  show the famous "Barua " has been accepted?
The popular Tanzanian  actor Kanumba had allegedly killed  by Lulu as some sources  said. It has not been verified and even the case that was filled lost its weight and halted. 
Bahati said is for lulu not this Mafisi we have here. Diss.

It's now big time for team mafisiress who were salivating for Bahati now to chew their waste. Moto WA Mama is real dieing for Lulu and hopefully God does not let someone cry for what is looking  for. He does not go back his promises, now its all left to Lulu for the Kenyan gospel artists convoy to go to Tanzania.

Many have thought that Most of the Gospel artists will go local as there is plenty of singles in the industry. This happens after daddy Owen got locally 'Mama fololo' and had their beautiful wedding last Saturday. Safaricom Chief executive Bob Collymore also got local breed and tied the knot. Many eyes are looking for other celebrities if they will reduce the number of singles in Kenya.

Today culture has changed rather than waiting for God's  time, now it's  our eyes which see much better  than the soul eyes. Hope everything will be Alright to the gospel artist  Bahati.All the best and God bless your work promoting the Gospel to many lives across the world.

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