Lucy died at 76 years.

President Kibaki was really a tough guy and did want nonsense even after being re-elected to be the president for the second round. Former president Mwai Kibaki did not even utter a word against his wife former first lady Lucy Kibaki. Lucy Kibaki was a tough woman and she will memorable for the lofty and high support towards women and power.Kibaki dated Lucy for long and After a two-year romance, the couple married in 1962. She was born in 1940 and met Kibaki 1960 and that's when the started dating and later got married.They have four children: Judy Wanjiku, Jimmy Kibaki, David Kagai, and Tony Githinji.

Lucy Kibaki dies in London yesterday after a long struggle with a disease since 2014. She was diagnosed and she was found to have cancer. Early this year she was taken to India for more treatment and diagnosis the later to London for more Treatment. Lucy was a furious lady who is well known for physical fights and firm standings.People are well thinking of the fight she had been Mary Wamboi and her after Former president Mwai Kibaki.

She contributed to the build of the famous National women Hospital and called it her name "Mama lucy Women's Hospital". She will be remembered for her tough standings on the National politics defending her husband in all terms. She died at the age of 76 after a long struggle Rest in Peace Mama may God grant you a place in Paradise.

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