"Dream come true". A 41 years old Mr Sale Wanjala decided to hang on a helicopter for the sake of being airlifted.
After the murder of CORD beloved businessman Jacob Juma, the journey of the beloved one from Nairobi to Bungoma started. The late  Juma was airlifted to Bungoma for a mass ceremony.
The Anglican church prepared a mass for the passed Juma which made a Luhya man dream come true. The man decided to make his dream standout when the body was beings the taken to the mass.  He decided to jump into the helicopter stands and hang.
Several men decided to hang on the plane to accompany him. The pilot decided to take them round and then back to the rally but the some dropped off while one decided to move on.
This man decided to hang from Bungoma to the church where the mass was to happen. Due to tough wind and smog, the pilot gave him a second chance by dropping him at the nearest airstrip.  The man jumped  and was injured severely. He was then taken to a referral hospital in Bungoma.
Take your dream to the higher limits and not be heartbroken by other people regardless of whether it's safe or not. This is the only way to attain the dream. This man was counselled and look for valid dreams. The aim was to get into the air with a plane and nothing much.

According to clinical officer Miss Leah Atsewa, who attended to him, Mr Wanjala was under the influence of alcohol and he was from a local pub.
“We have examined him and he has no serious injuries only that he has a dislocated hip and bruises though we realised that he was reeking alcohol,” she said.
Mr Wanjala's sister Leah Nelima told the press, “I received a call that my brother had jumped from a helicopter and had sustained head injuries that forced me to rush to the hospital to see for myself".
Mr Wanjala had two wives.But at the moment he is single and a single father, his first wife died a few years ago and he later separated from his second wife.
He got six children from the two wives. 
He said "All the 40 years I have been on this earth, I have never boarded a plane and be on the air. This was the time because I had a chance as the helicopter was close to me". Now think about this decision but look for other ways of making the same dream come true.  DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. This reminds me of a local saying which says,  foolishness makes someone higher.

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