Gossiping is like killing someones natural feelings

Natural gossippers spread the word without limit. They also add other words to increase flavor and make it more interesting. This habit of gossiping is commonly in women and it is really irritating when someone bombard with unnecessary and false information. Women of this kind always play an important role in this unbelievable feature. Gossiping is very important because it wastes time for those who are jobless and talk a lot. It also assists women to relieve pain if someone hurts their feelings.
Characteristics of a person who gossip are;

Keeps quite when a new member joins abruptly.

People who keep quiet in groups or in discussion tend to record and then spit in other groups or houses. These people do not talk a lot when people are discussing serious matters but just record the talk. These people collect enormous data and analyze it while adding effects on it. Then, they share with the idle groups when they are at home or in a Chamas or any other place.

Cuts stories when caught.
People who cut stories regardless of the sweetness and momentum are the ones who gossip a lot. When a person is talking about something and cuts a story abruptly, then it shows the story was already a gossiping story. People who are good in cutting stories are good gospel providers and gossips.

Has the ability to change topics on the spot in case of new members joins.
The method of bypassing people feelings is a talent  and changing stories when someone joins the group. Gossips are intended for a particular audience and are not worthy to be shared to mysterious people who may end up spilling the beans.

Shaking lips in a group when he/she is quite.
Do not be afraid by checking your client's lips or group members. When someone has a tendency of shaking lips without talking, then that person has many chances of being someone who gossips. This is someone who wants to be given a chance somewhere to split and spill of sorts of other people stories and activities. At the same time, not all who shake their lips are gossipers,others have sinus and other diseases.

Always on people's houses,peeping to get updates.
A person who does not stay in his or her house and keep on moving to other houses and homes constantly qualifies automatical to be among the people who gossip. The majority of these people will find them hiding in bushes, peeping in other people's doors or windows, just working hard to get what other people talk and as well struggling to see a message when someone is typing either in a phone or a computer. This person always asks unnecessary questions so as to be clear on where to add and subtract when telling others. They are very good and creative in storytelling.

Lastly, you find that majority of them are generous to attract friends and get more stories to gossip. They act like reporters who will make all means and ways to get a story to tell. They like sharing and opening their hearts falsely to acquire and gain access to the brain and speak out everything.
 The most important thing to consider is not to speak your heart in front of many people because some will just create stories to entertain others and get more influence when sharing your stories.

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