Sugarmummies are in plenty in Kiambu for satisfaction.
Kiambu women demonstrate because of poor bed performance from their men. Even "Mpango wa Kando" is not working at all, the women need a lot of heat on one, two-bed actions. [Photo: Politics101]

The S£xually starved and team married Mafisi Kiambu women have sensationally threatened to relocate to more ‘productive’ regions if their men continue to perform dismally and boring in bed. The salivating women took themselves to the streets looking hot and to be cooled by men in the streets of Kiambu. Men in Kiambu are said to be horrible in bed and women threatened them to have competition if they will not rectify their alcoholic and dismally bad bed performance. Mafisi Sacco is urged to open a branch in Kiambu just to satisfy the women in the area. Strong young men are encouraged to apply for mummies and young task in the area only for doing it hard.

The visibly s£x-craving mixed and slimy thigh women held a peaceful demonstration in Kiambu claiming that most men, including young men, have failed to perform their conjugal rights. The young men also instead of having hot blood to take the women far end they have been taken by far in the alcohol consumption. The furious ladies went to the street because of the cold and chilly Kiambu weather which make the ladies shiver for the lack of enough heat and hard input from the young men and their husbands. The women requested their men to have it had every day as it will be the source of adding the population in the area.

Recently in Meru region,some schools were closed down due to low pupils population as a result of illicit brewing and Miraa chewing. The NACADA chairman John Mututho had a tough campaign in the area targeting men to perform and increase the population. The NACADA boss made possible to have women in the area be impregnated and have children. While others in the lake region satisfied with men and wish to move to the other parts because their men do not spare them.  During demonstrations, it was also echoed that alcohol is the major issue and want their men refrain from the habits and focus on them in beds. They missed a lot in their matrimonial homes even famously "Mpango wa Kando" is not working as it supposed to be in other areas. They also added that the trend is worsened by high levels of alcohol consumption and the Kikuyu population is going down where they will not reach the tyranny of numbers in the next or future general elections.

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