RAO talking about the barter trade done by Jubilee party.
The CORD leader Hon. Raila Odinga shocked people when he furiously attacked the president in a political rally. The former prime Minister said that president Uhuru Kenyatta  exercises a very stupid politics of buying CORD politicians with millions of taxpayers money. 

The Railas' claim came after Budalangi M.P Ababu Namwamba allegedly bought by jubilee at ksh. 200 million.  The member of parliament was bought together with his allies from Western.  Ababu is a project of jubilee which started in oder to influence others starting from his own area to the Coast region. The government dedicated him for Coast region politics. 

Another one who was bought is mining cabinet secretary Hon. Dan Kazungu and  Hon. Gideon Mung'aro the kilifi North member of Parliament.  They were all bought to wither the party in their region. 

Kwale county women represetative Zainab Chidzuga also allegedly to be bought together with her political friends in South Coast.  That's include Msambweni M.P  Rashid Mwashetani and many more.

A lot of  people from Eastern Region including the governors also confirmed to be bought ahead of the general elections. The shocking news shocked the nation as ODM  gave out the line up of people who were bought from the party. The party leader said," Jubilee plays a very bad role and acting political prostitution by buying people and that why there is orphans in the country.  Political prostitution has scrambled the nation and only rich people are known to be leading the country and buying other weaker ones".

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