Harry Kanes' goal was important for Spurs.
Harry Kane subsitition was real important and Spurs fans congratulated Tottenham Manager Pochettino for the decision of Janssens.
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Arsenal VS Tottenham Hotspurs game analysis with bana sports.
In the 44th minute, Tottenham had a self-goal. Kevin Wimmer scored the first goal for Arsenal which made the Spurs manager Pochettino annoyed.  In the 54th minute, Spurs got a penalty and forward Harry Kane scored and balanced the match. Harry Kane has 5 goals in London derby a tie with Gareth Bale.

Harry Kanes' goal was very important to shut the arsenal dreams and awakening the Unbeaten status. The midfielder Victor Wanyama was the main player for the side of Spurs helping forward players.

Granit Xhaka was substituted by Aaron Ramsey in the 60th Minute because of poor arsenal midfield. Later Laurent Koscielny got a yellow card after playing an offensive stop.  Alex Iwobi was also substituted to Olivier Giroud to beef up the forward players.  While Vincent Janssen was a substitute of Harry Kane. Harry Cane was the main forward and scored a very important goal and the main aim of substituting him was to spare for the next match.

The Arsenal forward Theo Walcott was not active on the game. He had only one shot and disappeared from the game. That is the main reason why the Manager Arsene Wenger decided to go for Giroud instead of Iwobi.

Vincent Janssen missed a goal in the 83rd minute which hit the goal bars. This was a strong forward after Harry Kane. The Arsenal Goalkeeper Petr Cech made a slide which was close to a self score in the 86th minute. Five minutes were added to the match but nothing changed/happened.

#AFCvTHFC was the game of the week.

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