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A TSS BUS rolled several times at Mazeras leaving 24 Injured and 6 Killed.

TSS bus rolled several times at Mazeras. PHOTO | John

A TSS bus had an accident in Mazeras at a place called Bonje near steel makers. The bus which carried unknown number of passenger lost control and rolled several times. The Bus which belongs to the TSS company rolled in a valley in Bonje where there is a sharp corner. It is reported 4 people died on the spot and more than 30 are receiving treatment in Mombasa and Mariakani hospitals.

The Long distance bus drivers are told by the NTSA to be carefully in this festive season. The bus which was being driven a high speed negotiated a corner at the same speed and the driver lost control of the bus and ended at the Bonje valleys.
There is a steep hill around the area  which made lorries stuck or slug in the climbing lane. Yesterday Mash bus had a mechanical breakdown at around VOI, alot of smoke was seen coming from the bus chassis.

The ministry of transport also urged the Bus companies to repair and maintain/ Service their Buses before engaging to any long distance. The mechanical breakdown are mostly caused by lack of maintenance and service to the Buses. One of the officials from NTSA said, "The Buses travel for a very long distances without being serviced for long periods hence made them unable to accomplish the required tasks. That is why some buses burn without being noticed and others cause accidents. "
TSS rolled several times at Bonje near steel makers. PHOTO | JOHN

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