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CHARITY NGILU escaped death, Today she is preparing for a burial following Martha Mwangangi Death.

Charity Ngilu in a meeting with Martha Mwangangi on Jamhuri day. PHOTO | BANA

The former lands cabinet secretary Charity Ngilu escaped death yesterday after the Kitui county government demolished the kiosks in the Kitui town. The business people counted heavy losses as the county government did not provide a notice of demolishing their business shades.

Charity Ngilu today said that what happened yesterday is a plan by the county Governor Dr Julius Malombe. The Governor wanted to kill Ngilu after she announced the 2017  bid for the gubernatorial seat in Kitui county. The Former cabinet secretary rubbished the claims that she will be joining wiper.

The Kitui county fracas led to the loss of lives.At least 5 people died while others got serious injuries during the demonstrations. The correct number is yet to be confirmed by the county administration.

The former lands cabinet secretary Ngilu has been allegedly funded the chaos against the current Governor Dr Malombe.  The aim was to get confidence from the voters in Kitui county in the coming elections. A former Kitui Mayor and Ngilu ally, Mrs Martha Mwangangi was among who died yesterday in the protests.


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