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Dust, Smog and Fog engulfs cities of North China.Air Pollution is Rampant in China.

China filled with Dust and Smog from the coal companies. PHOTO | courtesy AFP

In the North China, since last week until today, it has been facing Smog and falling dust from coal factories across the cities. The industries from North China have been polluting the air following newer coal companies opened recently.

According to the Chinese government spokesperson in the Foreign Ministry, Geng Shuang, "the air pollution has so far been less serious than expected, thanks to counter measures adopted by local authorities." Says Geng.

The government has stopped more than 700 companies from production in Beijing to reduce the smoke intensity. The traffic police also restricted drivers in the affected roads and they started monitoring their license plate numbers for those who drive on those roads.

The China Environmental Authority acknowledged that Air pollution contributes to 17% of all deaths. Chinese are now used to the pollution because of the fact that every day and every month the Air pollution is rampant. People move, travel, cycle or go to work with gas masks and it has now been a routine.

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