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Nokia 3310 is back in East Africa with best features at Lower prices.

There are things you did not know about Nokia 3310. This phone was the only cultural phone which could withstand all sets of environments.This phone was highly durable and reliable in all climatic and dramatic conditions.

The Nokia 3310 is back with elegant features which are built for Africa. People have now forgotten about the snake game and bang themselves with ninja games, Angry birds, candy crush, ultimate soccer and dream soccer. The game is now back with more interesting features.

The Nokia 3310 would drop it on the floor and left a mark on the floor no the screen or the cover could have a scratch. The phone was around Ksh. 12,500 when it started to trend in East Africa in early 2000s.

Very few people would see them holding the Nokia phones struggling to get a network. Now the new Nokia will be a 3G and 4G network phones. People will be able to surf and do so many things. Up to three weeks of battery life if you're lucky. This will also make you forget about charging every day like the normal smartphones we have nowadays.

The new Nokia 3310 phone will have an SD card slot for holding music, videos and photos, a headphone jack, a two-megapixel back camera and an FM Radio. The durability of the phones has also been enhanced. The phone will have a stone like built in cover and screen.

The phone is expected to be sold at a very lower price compared to other strong phones like Motorola. The phone will go at a price of Ksh.5000 o Ksh. 5400. The phone will also be installed with a Nginx browser will enable people to browse their favourite site at ease.


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