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Nomination Rigging Claims and wrangles in the Kilifi ODM offices, sources reveal.

Hon Aisha Jumwa with Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho. PHOTO Courtesy

The Kilifi Women representative Aisha Jumwa has revealed the degree of Rottenness in the ODM offices in Kilifi county. The women representative who is also an aspirant for Malindi member of parliament seat has revealed the secrets done by the ODM secretariat. The decomposition of the ODM office is lead by the county government incumbents.
Hon Aisha Jumwa with the CORD and ODM leader Hon Raila Odinga. PHOTO Courtesy

According to our sources, the ODM office wanted to impose the current leadership for direct Nominations. Other Aspirants who are in ODM who are also compromised by the office includes Senatorial Aspirant Kennedy Nyale, Malindi M.P aspirant Aisha Jumwa, Kilifi South Aspirant Ken Chonga, Wanyepe and much more who are frustrated by the party leadership in Kilifi.

Some of the leaders in Kilifi have vowed to end ODM in Kilifi if there will Nomination rigging in the county. The ODM leadership wanted to rig the Nominations and give to the current leaders includes; Governor Amason Kingi, Senator Steward Madzayo and Malindi MP Baraka Mtengo. The allegations made to the public by Hon Aisha Jumwa shows that there is a serious problem that the ODM leaders need to intervene or else Kilifi will not be the home of ODM coming 2017 general elections.

Hon Aisha Jumwa posed for a photo in a Meeting at Kaloleni. Photo courtesy

Some of the Aspirants that the Kilifi ODM office wants to block them and redirect the nomination effort to the incumbent took their concerns to the public. They urged the public to keep an eye contact for the Nomination and urged all supporters to fight for their right.

It is alleged, the County government heads gave lump-sum to the ODM office secretariat in order to secure nomination certificates. It is not known how much was given but according to the sources, they will be given more gifts from incumbent when successfully executed the Rigging deal. The senator has not been on the ground since 2013 and now he is really moving up and down to deceive the county and other aspirants that he fought for the Nomination votes.

The members of the public have been demanding to have free and fair nomination if they want to have free and fair general elections. The ODM leaders have been given a free advice that if they will need to win in the coming elections, then they must clean their house first. "You cannot preach water and you are drinking wine. If they need free and fair general elections, then they must have free and fair nominations. Kilifi is an ODM zone but soon it will be NASA zone meaning the most important seats will move to ANC, Wiper, Ford-Kenya and other small parties" a section of Mijikenda elders said.

Hon Kennedy Nyale posting about ODM leaders planning to rig Nomination elections. PHOTO courtesyHon Kennedy Nyale posting about ODM leaders planning to rig Nomination elections. PHOTO courtesyHon Kennedy Nyale posting about ODM leaders planning to rig Nomination elections. PHOTO courtesy

Sub counties-7
Governor - Amason Jefwa Kingi
Area-1225 km2
Population- 1.1 million people projected to be 1.4Million people in 2017 which is a growth rate of 3.1 percent 


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