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Onyango Oloo attacks Jubilee and threatens to spoil beans over IEBC rigging Strategies.

Onyango Oloo welcomed by Hon. Raila Odinga in ODM. PHOTO| ODONGO RODGERS.

Onyango Oloo hit back Jubilee after ditching to NASA. The former head of the old government party (TNA) told the Jubilee leaders how much they want to loot in the next five years after elections. The furious young man attacked the government badly while exposing the Loopholes that Jubilee used to Rig the last elections.

Mr Oloo said, " The government has looted and milked dry the Ordinary Kenyans. Now I'm just asking the president and his colleagues how much they want to steal the election so that Hon. Raila Odinga can write a cheque for them." He was speaking in Kisumu in a political rally, lobbying youth to register as voters.

Mr Oloo threatened to empty everything he knows about Jubilee to NASA and the IEBC before the elections.  "The NASA leaders are closely watching the IEBC conduct towards the elections. I will make sure they don't rig the elections again, elections should be free and fair, " said Mr Oloo.

The Nyanza region is leading in national Identity cards duplicates. The region has hit the Nation with massive duplicates. The opposition lost last year due to duplicate identity card numbers that rendered the opposition strongholds miss votes.

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