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SICK counties, SICK NATION. Mombasa county healthy workers strike.

People following services to the county in Mombasa. PHOTO | Courtesy

Mombasa county health workers down their tools following a delay in their pay. They also claim that the working conditions are not good and they need have better conditions. The Mombasa county government has not responded to the ongoing strike by the county healthy workers.

According to our sources, the county healthy workers need a pay rise of about 50% and enough pieces of equipment and tools for them to use in their working environment.

The striking county workers add to those who are already on strike from different counties across the country to an alarming number. The counties whose healthy workers are on strike includes Vihiga, Kitui, Machakos, Kiambu and now Mombasa.

The Mombasa governor who is expected to address the issue will hold a press briefing on Saturday to outline the process of getting back the workers. The strike also follows the ongoing National Doctors strike which has completely paralysed the health conditions in the country. Thousands of people have died due to the KMPDU strike which is almost three months now.

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