Just a week after the Mexico ambassador in Kenya denied a yellow maize deal with Mexico, a section of business people and Marine specialists denied the authenticity of the Maize deal and termed it as a scandal.

According to the Marine experts, the  Maize cruise ship docked in Mombasa last week was a planned cartel. The current crisis in Kenya on the food stuff was a planned mechanism for some top officials and politicians to benefit and cater for their campaigns as they know the IEBC campaign period.

take"It takes 30 days to sail from Mexico to Mombasa when was the imported maize procured?" Asks the freight specialists. PHOTO | Courtesy

The MV Pinehurst ship was allegedly sailed from S.A and it was from Australia. According to the freight specialists and business people, the ship docked in S. Africa from Australia and it was heading to Kenya. "The Mexico yellow maize noise is not authentic because it is very hard to tell that the maize from Mexico was procured and shipped from South Africa." Freight specialist and a south African businessman said.

Now it is upon the government to clear it out and come out clean on the maize issue. The opposition leader Raila Odinga said that they know what the government planned and soon they will spill the beans on that 10 Billion yellow maize scandal with full evidence. The NASA coalition called out people to vote for them in order to eliminate the cartels in the Jubilee government. The government allegedly bought the 30,000 tonnes of Maize at 10 Billion which is equivalent to Ksh 20,000 per 90Kg bag of Maize.

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