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Raila Odinga: More than 10,000 police officers deployed to scuttle Raila Odinga welcome at JKIA then marching to Kamaukunji grounds.

Police guarding JKIA. PHOTO |FILE

Heavy security deployed at the JKIA following the arrival of Raila Odinga from the US. He is expected to arrive in the country at 11am today. The Police drawn from all arms of National police service will be guarding the JKIA after the chief principle Musalia Mudavadi said that they have mobilized one million people to welcome Peoples president Raila Odinga at the airport.

Raila Odinga convoy of more than 50 cars has already been established. The motorcade will go to Kamukunji grounds for a mega rally. Raila Odinga is expected to talk about what happened in the US and what will be the plan ahead of president Uhuru Kenyatta swearing in.

Anti-Riot police, GSU, special force and other arms of police at JKIA where NASA supporters are expected to converge to welcome opposition leader Raila Odinga.More than 10,000 police officers were deployed to man the JKIA following the arrival of Raila Odinga.

Police guarding JKIA. PHOTO |FILE

Showdown looms in Nairobi with NASA leaders vowing to defy police orders to keep off JKIA where they and their supporters plan to welcome opposition chief, Raila Odinga.

The Police Inspector general  Joseph Boinnet said that the airport will be restricted to NASA supporters from 10 am today.

"We have enough police and a back up plan to deal with the Marching to the Jomo Kenyatta International airport. We will not allow such a thing to happen. We have decided that no one will be allowed at the airport after 10.00am apart from the leaders only." IG said.

"We are going to close the airport if the IG will not allow us to participate in welcoming Raila Odinga. Today it is either they allow us to welcome and protect us peacefully or we engage them till evening and stop all processes at the airport." the supporters shouted.

Legislatures Babu Owino, Tom Kanjwang, and Simba Arati have vowed to march with their supporters to JKIA and again to the Kamukunji grounds.

"We have drawn people from all corners of Kenya. We have the capacity to do it. That is just an example. We will match to the statehouse one day. We are going to mobilize almost three million people and shut down Nairobi completely and match to the statehouse. Let us continue with the peoples' assembly first and later we converge." says Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati.

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