DP Dr.  Ruro eating chapati in one of Kakamega kiosks. PHOTO | THESTAR
DP Dr. Ruro eating chapati in one of Kakamega kiosks. PHOTO | THESTAR

Rising of processed foods across the country has congested hospitals with dirty related diseases. 

Rising if fried foods with processed oils have also contributed to the country menaces.

Ministry says diseases such as cancers, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes represent up to 70 percent of all hospital admissions and up to half of all inpatient deaths.

A glass of pineapple juice can have as much sugar as a glass of soda. Are people aware of this? If not, why not?

Small kiosks all over towns and villages in Kenya, selling manufactured food products, such as bread, scones, chapati,  mandazi, chips, and of course, sodas. All these processed products or indirectly created/baked/ cooked with processed contributes to upcoming diseases.  Coca-colonisation is visually evident, everywhere. In the bigger cities, urbanization has led to increased uptake of processed foods, and a move away from diets rich in fiber and vegetables.

Heart disease and cancer are crippling healthcare systems all over the world. Kenya cannot afford to have a diabetes epidemic.

What made people forget natural foods?  There is plenty of natural foods across the country. Today people drink chlorine-treated water,  fried using processed oils,  drink pasteurized milk,  drink flavored juice,  drink ice-cold water, poison treated fruits,  Processed salts, and sugars,  breathing in carbon monoxide emitted from industries and cars, modern foods like burger, pizza, and nodules. 

This is the onset of Cancer, Diabetes and high blood pressure.  People forget about exercises as there are uber, taxify, bodaboda,  tuk-tuk, etc Walking is today something you pay to do.  Obesity in children comes from Modern foods. 

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