Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and Suleiman Shahbal
Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho and Suleiman Shahbal
Mombasa tycoon Suleiman Shahbal with Shahbal foundation, Mombasa County, Ali Hassan Joho Foundation and Kenya Primary School headteachers Association (KEPSHA) have partnered to help candidates in Mombasa county.

Through, KEPSHA chairman Mr Fuad Ali, they are in process to set exam preparation and student and teacher interaction website with the partnership with Longhorn publishers and the County ICT department. The Portal will help school within Mombasa to get examination past papers and other examination material in supervision with their respective teachers online.

" We have a major challenge coming up very soon. At the end of this year, our Standard 8 and Form 4 students will have to do their exams. They will have missed school most of this year. Most students don't have access to online teaching or even computers. There are 96 Primary Schools with roughly 500 students and 47 Secondary with 250 students doing exams this year. They will not be adequately prepared for these exams by the end of the year unless we do something about it, " Mr Shahbal said.

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" I have held detailed discussions with Mr Fuad Ali, the Chairman of KEPSHA (Kenya Primary Schools Head Teachers Association)and headteacher at Tom primary School and agreed that he will immediately put up a committee from Primary Schools and Secondary Schools across the county to make sure these papers reach every county of Mombasa, " he added.

" My foundation will print past exam papers for both Primary and Secondary Schools along with answers for those past papers and distribute them free to all students doing these exams this year. We will also set up a special website where students can directly communicate with for help with how to do these papers, " he added.

" When I was doing my Primary exams, I collected the kids from the neighbourhood and used nearby servants quarters to study. We did over forty past exams papers and all of us passed with flying colours. I am encouraging students to do the same. The questions will be the same - or variations of the same. I am requesting all parents and teacher to assist us with this program, " he urged the parents.

" Teachers can advise how best we can help the students and parents should work with their children to make sure they use this facility. Our children need all your help at this time. I am doing my part. Please do yours too. This project will serve our entire community. Please assist us to make sure it is a success, " he concluded.

Mr Shahbal said he is already in talks with Mombasa ICT department and preparation underway on the school-based project for the candidates. Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has given greenlight. The Governor said his foundation will also help in the distribution of the materials and followups in partnership with the county education ministry.

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