Mulamwah ex-girlfriend Carol Sonnie rubbishes fans' healing advice as she dates Madini Classic
Carol Sonnie with her new man Madini Classic photo

Carol Sonnie, the enraged ex-girlfriend of Mulamwah, has slammed some of her followers who advised her not to move on with artist Madini Classic till she recovers from motherhood.

Following speculations that Carol Sonnie was dating Madini Classic, these admirers turned to social media to offer Carol Sonnie advise.

Madini announced on Instagram on Saturday that he had accepted Carol Sonnie as her second wife, which sparked outrage among Kenyans.

While some praised Carol Sonnie for showering and returning to the street, others chastised her, telling her that she must care for the infant since it was not acceptable to go on with another man for the sake of the kid.

"Sonnie has stated that she will not be marrying any time soon. She stated that she wanted to concentrate on herself and her child. In any case, I wish her the best." The fan's statement did not sit well with Sonnie, who responded in the comments area, "kupona ni wewe."

"Heal what?" you might wonder. What ailment are you suffering from? Allow my pal to be loved once more and then go on. The more you stay alone in the name of healing, the more you'll be wounded, lonely, and unhappy. You'll constantly think about your ex and how unfortunate you are, but if GOD brings you someone else, you'll be able to forget about your history and let go of many issues from your previous relationship." she posted.

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