PayPal to Mpesa: How to withdraw money from Paypal through Mpesa, linking Paypal to Mpesa
Paypal to MPESA, withdrawal, linking and topping up paypal account photo

PayPal and M-Pesa teamed up to allow users to transfer money between the two platforms; this service is known as PayPal Mobile Money Service.

This was a watershed moment in the realm of digital payments, particularly in Kenya. 

PayPal users in Kenya can utilise their balances, bank accounts, and credit cards to make payments to M-Pesa-registered mobile money accounts.

M-Pesa users, on the other hand, may easily fund their PayPal accounts and use PayPal's online payment services.

Linking Paypal to Mpesa

Mpesa and PayPal can be linked together. A PayPal account and a Safaricom cellphone number are required.

Here's how to connect your PayPal and Mpesa accounts:

  1. Type into your browser to go to PayPal's M-Pesa page.
  2. Use your PayPal username and password to log in.
  3. Accept the service's terms and conditions from PayPal.
  4. Fill in the M-PESA number you'd want to link to PayPal.
  5. Your M-PESA number will receive an SMS verification code from PayPal.
  6. Complete the linking process by entering the verification code PayPal supplied to your M-PESA account.
  7. You've completed the PayPal-Mpesa connection process!
Mpesa yo Paypal top up

To send money from Mpesa to PayPal, follow these instructions.

  1. Log in to PayPal mpesa at (this is optional). I always use their currency converter to figure out how much to top up in Kenyan shillings and how much it would cost in US dollars.
  2. You'll also find the PayPal Pay Bill Number 800088 on this page, which I think is useful because you could forget it.
  3. On your phone, open M-Pesa, go to "Lipa Na Mpesa," and then Pay Bill. Use the 800088 PayPal Mpesa Pay bill number as the account number, and your phone number as the bill number.
  4. Submit the amount you want to send to PayPal.

Paypal to MPESA, withdrawal, linking and topping up paypal account photo

Withdraw money from Paypal to Mpesa

Here's how to get money out of your PayPal account:

  1. Visit for more information.
  2. Log in with your PayPal account information.
  3. Choose PayPal Withdrawal.
  4. The Available PayPal balance in your account will be displayed on the next screen.
  5. Click and enter the amount you want to withdraw. Withdrawal will continue.
  6. They'll transfer the funds to your M-Pesa account in a matter of minutes.
  7. The maximum amount per transaction is 150,000 KES; no amount greater than this can be withdrawn.

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