[VIDEO] Azimia kwa Azimio - Maina Kamanda and Beatrice Elachi caught on camera touching privates
Beatrice Elachi and Maina Kamanda on the video

Beatrice Elachi, the former Nairobi County Assembly Speaker, was captured in a compromising situation with nominated MP Maina Kamanda.

The two were speaking during a news conference at Jacaranda Ground, where supporters of Azimio la Umoja held a big rally to announce ODM leader Raila Odinga as the party's presidential candidate.

Beatrice Elachi and Maina Kamanda on the video

In a video, Kamanda is seen being tightly held by the waist rubbing the light complexion lady in a cosy manner. 

The lady leaned in close, as if she wants to kiss the legislator on the neck.

Elachi is then seen giving Kamanda a loving shoulder rub, seemingly unaware that she is being recorded. The legislators are all beaming with delight.

Imran Okoth, a Kibra MP, intervened and informed the duo that they were being videotaped.

Beatrice Elachi and Maina Kamanda on the video

Elachi abruptly came to a halt and focused on the interview. Kamanda and the former speaker also began to relax their swings.

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