Government bans Embarambamba from performing dirty antics in state functions

Chris Mosioma, alias Embarambamba, a controversial singer, has released a song in honor of President Mwai Kibaki.

The gospel musician, who is known for his wild antics, told Word Is that he opted to sing a song in honor of Kenya's third president because he did not get the opportunity to shine for him while he was alive.

Despite his desire to perform at Kibaki's funeral, the singer said that he has been barred from performing at government gatherings.

"They warned me to tone down my theatrics the last time Uhuru came to Kisii because they were scared I'd provoke friction," he stated.

"I'm simply a laid-back guy who knows how to take care of myself." If you give me a chance, I'll be incredibly cool. I'm in Kisii, and I can't even get to Parliament to see our President's body," he remarked.

On social media, a video of the song he wrote for Kibaki is circulating.

Chris Mosioma, alias Embarambamba dancing with Raila Odinga

Tufanyeje, the song, will be formally launched on Thursday, according to Embarambamba.

Embarambamba is seen in the video sitting in a ripped red suit on a maize field.

"Kifo umechukua Kibaki wapi [Death, where have you taken Kibaki]?" he asks as he stands up and walks around.

Embarambamba then throws himself in a dirty pool before mounting a tree while weeping, as is his custom.

President Kibaki, Embarambamba added, will be remembered for permitting free education and providing Kenyans with a new constitution.

Embarambamba stated he is inspired by his mother, who used to appear in Kisii for President Daniel Moi.

"I have 11 years of experience in the profession and am quite talented."

Embarambamba previously stated in an interview that he chose to do gospel music differently by including theatrics.

He praised his wife for her support, noting that she is the one who washes his filthy clothes after performances.

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