Linet Chepkorir, better known as Toto, the Bomet UDA women rep

After winning the Bomet Woman Representative United Democratic Alliance (UDA) primary on Thursday, April 14, Linet Chepkorir, better known as Toto, has become an internet phenomenon.

According to preliminary data, the 24-year-old took an early lead in the race, which drew ten other competitors.

Her narrative isn't entirely happy. During a leaders' conference, the 24-year-old contender was accused of breaking into Deputy President William Ruto's Karen residence.

Linet Chepkorir, better known as Toto, the Bomet UDA women rep

Chepkorir had gone to Ruto's Karen mansion in Nairobi, where contenders for UDA tickets from the Rift Valley were convening. Guards, however, stopped her at the door, accusing her of being an intruder.

She was told by Deputy President security that she was intruding into a meeting of leaders that was above her pay grade.

Her demeanour and informal attire, which made her appear to be a high school student, were used to criticize her.

Linet Chepkorir, better known as Toto, the Bomet UDA women rep

She, on the other hand, held firm and insisted on attending the meeting because she was also a candidate from the South Rift region, which has a large number of voters.

"Eventually, after almost an hour, I was permitted in when I showed them my passcode to the meeting; electronically produced for members who have paid the Ksh6,000 aspirants' fee," she said in a chat with a local newspaper.

Chepkorir arrived at the high-level meeting dressed in a yellow hoodie, a modest hairstyle, a green dress, and rubber shoes.

"I sat in the back row, then realized the Deputy President hadn't shown up. I went to the front and asked a lady who was standing there to take pictures of me with my phone so that I could prove that I had visited the DP's home "She expressed her thoughts.

She then shared the photographs on social media and turned off her phone, as security personnel instructed. The meeting began when DP Ruto arrived. It was over in a few hours, and she began her return journey to Bomet.

She realized she was trending after turning on her phone.

Her fame began with this event. Chepkorir, who graduated from Chuka University in April 2021 and is now hoping to win the Bomet Woman Representative seat in August, holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

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