Mary Lincoln new video song

Days after her steamy bedroom photos went viral, Mary Lincoln released a song about the end of the world and God's wrath.

Mary Lincoln, a Kikuyu gospel singer, continues to make news after someone posted pictures of her bedroom.

The media personality today unveiled a brand-new song that preaches about the end times while also examining God's wrath.

While some of her supporters commended the song for having a strong message, others urged her to continue serving the Lord even as she heals in solitude.

Mary Lincoln, a former journalist who now performs gospel music, released a song after spending days on the internet's trending list due to her explicit bedroom images.

The beginning of the song Ngai Menya Uria Ugwika (God knows what you will do), which is about her recent life, features a picture of herself on a newspaper news flash.

The stirring Kikuyu song speaks of the end times and God's anger. The media star uses pictures of herself in church, confessing her sins and getting prayers throughout the entire movie. 

She also interprets angels and relics guarding her while she is on her knees in prayer.

She is seen praying in another scene in the video while wearing a yellow shirt. As the chorus sang:
"Lord, may you have the wisdom to know what to do with our hearts in light of what has been written." "I dread the day of God's wrath."

Social media users reacted to her video by rallying around her, motivating her to continue serving the Lord and find relief from the suffering she was experiencing as a result of her private images being made public.   

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