CS Joe Mucheru interview on citizen tv

Joe Mucheru, a former ICT Cabinet Secretary, has said that he has no doubts about endorsing Raila Odinga for president in the elections on August 9, 2022.

Mucheru said that his backing was a sign of devotion to his employer during a weekend segment on Citizen Television.

"I wouldn't regret it at all, however."
"On a personal level, it would be the ultimate kind of treachery if I genuinely didn't back President Uhuru Kenyatta because he selected me for this administration," he said.

He said that as a Kenyan citizen, a person, and a minister, he influenced the direction the nation was taking.

Mucheru said that rather than doing so out of desire, he trusted Uhuru's judgment in supporting Raila.

"As the Minister for Information, I understood that the things we accomplished, the plans we had, and all the things he desired were truly beneficial for the nation," he added.

Regarding Raila's defeat in the election, he said"You follow what people say if they decide that's not what they want." 

"I thus don't regret taking the stance I did," he said.

He said that since President Kenyatta cares so much for and has done so much for his nation, he owes him a great deal.

Mucheru said that he could tell by the several activities they were carrying out that he wanted things to improve.

"So, as far as that is concerned, I don't have any regrets; I am extremely satisfied with the stance I adopted."

"I haven't altered my stance," he said.

He continued, saying that this is not election or campaign season but rather a time to work.

He said, "We wish the administration that Kenyans have elected all the best because we have a nation that we need to see thrive and prosper."

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