Lilian Waithera, 46, died unexpectedly on Monday evening in the Central Business District of Nairobi, and an inquiry has been initiated by the police into her demise.

On February 13, at around five o'clock, as Waithera was walking along Kaunda Street, she is said to have complained of chest pain to her employer, the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF). After that, she blacked out and stopped breathing.

Her friends called for an ambulance, which arrived on the scene in time; however, the first paramedics determined her to be dead at the scene of the accident.

The occurrence took place when she was walking back to her Upper Hill residence after a shift at her place of employment there.

Woman who collapsed at NHIF with a bullet in her body
Woman who collapsed at NHIF with a bullet in her body

Adamson Bungei, the head of the police force in Nairobi, indicated that an inquiry into the occurrence is now underway and that the bodies have been sent to the mortuary so that they may be examined by a pathologist and further probed.

On Tuesday, the early findings of the inquiry indicated that Waithera had been shot moments before losing consciousness.

"The female NHIF staff member who was walking down Kaunda Street on Monday evening when she fell and died had been shot from a high-angle vantage point." According to the authorities, the autopsy found that the bullet had become trapped in the victim's lungs.

On Tuesday, members of her family brought her remains to the mortuary that is located at Kenyatta University. After observing that a bullet had been lodged in Waithera's lungs during the course of an autopsy, Dr. Kamonde came to the conclusion that Waithera had been killed by gunshot.

According to the authorities, the suspect shot the bullet from a higher vantage point, causing it to penetrate the victim through the collar bone. Since then, the authorities have received the bullet head in order to conduct a ballistic investigation on it.

Since then, the police have created a dossier on the probe and given it to investigators working for the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) so that they may conduct further inquiry.

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