Kasarani apartments

On Sunday night, two men were apprehended in Kasarani for allegedly tossing a woman off the second floor of an apartment building and wounding her very badly.

The International Public Relations Association (IPRA) worker Mr Collins Kiptoo and his relative, Mr. Ian Kipkorir, a University of Nairobi student, are being restrained at Kasarani Police Station.

During a wrangle with her lover, Mr. Kiptoo, Ms. Cynthia Mboya, 26, slipped from the second tier of the Q flats in Clay City.

Authorities are examining whether Ms. Mboya ploughed herself and why she had to do so.

Police officials came on the spot after a citizen notified the circumstance to law enforcement agencies to uncover that Ms. Mboya had been earlier rescued by neighbours and moved to Neema Uhai Hospital, where she is reportedly undergoing treatment and is in decent condition.

According to the detectives in charge of the probe, a row between the three people was triggered when Ms. Mboya asserted Mr. Kiptoo was entangled in another relationship.

When the altercation heated up, the woman destroyed her boyfriend's television, which sparked an altercation between the three of them and eventually resulted in the woman descending from the second deck of Q apartments.

Mr. Kiptoo and Mr. Kipkorir were incarcerated in expectation of supplemental proceedings after being captured. 

On April 11, 2023, when they are scheduled to appear in court, the prosecution's team will want to keep them confined for 14 days while their probe proceeds.

Along with stating the DCI team, Ms. Mboya is desired to do so as well and be released. 

Police officers at the same station are also looking into another event involving Mr Walter Odhiambo Sala, 51, whose corpse was uncovered deserted along a road in the Roasters neighbourhood of Nairobi County.

Blood was trickling from an excruciating cut mostly on the back of the man's skull as he lay on his back.

Authorities say that "early quests imply that the plausible body was thrown or dumped on the road" because there were indications of dirt on the pants and shoes.

Three identification cards were uncovered in his pocket; they belonged to Ms. Beatrice Esther Atieno, Mr. Vitalis Sala Kisera, and Ms. Fransister Auma Sala.

Earlier discoveries suggest that the deceased was dumped or placed on the road since the mud was seen on the pants and shoes.

After the crime was registered and processed, the body was taken to the Nairobi City Mortuary so that it could be scrutinised more closely. 

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