He goes by the name DJ Brownskin. A well-known DJ from Kenya is under investigation after he videotaped his wife in the act of taking her own life.

He videotaped his wife when she was ingesting the poison. He coaxed and persuaded a lady who was already intoxicated to consume poison, and once she did, he later called the housegirl to offer her milk while taping the whole event.

DJ Brownskin and wife

One of their two children makes an appearance in the video at some point in the middle of it.

Even though Brownskin's wife passed away in July of last year, a disturbing video depicting the circumstances that led up to her death has now come to light.

After she passed away, he lamented her passing on the many social media profiles he maintains for himself.

On the other hand, he did not divulge the reason for her passing. It has now come to light that she committed suicide while he was there.

In the video, Brownskin's late wife can be heard bidding farewell to their children just before she takes the poison herself.

Once she passed out, the deejay contacted their home help and gave the house help instruction to give her some milk.

But, it was fruitless to try to preserve her life in the end. She passed away as her husband was holding her.

DJ Brownskin poison video

Netizens have asked the DCI to arrest the deejay.

On social media, Kenyans responded by saying:

I suppose DJ Brownskin has finally gotten around to hiring a housekeeper to look after him and the kids at the same time. The housekeeper was very afraid to give the milk to the unfortunate old mother who was dying... It was almost as though they did not want to squander an opportunity that had become available.

He was tasked with the responsibility of keeping his wife safe. According to a reasonable level of care, he should have intervened to prevent her from killing herself and should have looked for assistance for her.

Unfortunately, you are instilling such apprehension in those of us who have not yet tied the knot. How can people be so callous these days?

The most important thing to take away from this is the warning that "not many will aid you even when you will be dying; nonetheless, they will turn up at the gravesite with printed t-shirts to snap photographs."

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