Betting is for everyone, but winning is not. Other people bet and win through out, regardless of whether they analyse the matches or not. Their consciousness is exactly in the correct place. 

Fredrick Omala was surprised after he spent over 15 years in betting without getting a profit. Just because he had a job and was addicted to gambling, he spent a lot of time on leisure activities.

"I got depressed and wanted to commit suicide. I'm working, and my salary goes to gambling. I gamble because I hope one day I will get enough for myself and my family. However, things are not always the same," Omala said.

Omala received a surprise visit from his client at work, who had come to place an order. As they were chatting, Omala jokingly told his client that he was really addicted to gambling but had not yet gotten anything.

His client responded, saying even the orders at the company were the result of gambling. Omala was shocked. His client broke the news to him that he had no luck. He was to be cleansed to get his luck back.

"I have been betting for a long time, but not successfully yet. The truth is, even the commission I will get in this order will go directly to betting," Omala jokingly told his client.

"Betting is profitable if you know the basics and have luck. Kama huna Nyota, you cannot win anything. In most cases, out of 15 teams, you may miss only one game. Your favourite team will be given a red card just before halftime, and that one game will make you lose your bet," the client told Omala.

He introduced him to kiwanga doctors who provide a luck spell, cleanse misfortunes, and use gambling spells that enable him to hit even jackpots.

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"You have to be cleansed and get back your luck to be lucky enough to win bets. Kiwanga doctors are good enough to get back what you have. Call them, and you won't regret it.

"Things happen that way because people are jealous of you. They take your luck and remain in that state for life. You may seem to be doing well or have little, but people also do not want you to have that," the client explained to Omala. 

The client gave Kiwanga doctors number +254769404965 for Omala to try his luck. However, after a phone call, the specialists assured him of getting back his luck and cleansed his misfortunes. 

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The following weekend, Omala won his first bet of Sh 100,000 from a Sh 200 wager. "Later the same weekend, I won Sh2 million from Roulette, casino betting," he said.

Omala dumped his job the following year to start his own business. He opened up a real estate and commission agent business. His business in Kisumu has gone a bit higher, serving over 200 clients in real estate every month. 

For punters who are tired of loosing bets due to bad luck, having unsuccessful business due to jealous of neighbours, family members etc and general out of luck, Kiwanga doctors restores dignity and good luck, call them now on +254769404965 or visit their website


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