Internet cables in the red sea

Due to a subsea cable loss near the Red Sea, Kenyans have been informed that there will be managed internet outages for the next two months.

When the internet outages were first reported on February 26, it was said that a stretch between Mombasa, Kenya, and Zafarana, Egypt, had been damaged under the water.

The company that provides the internet said that repairs will need at least eight weeks in a press release to the media.

A portion of the statement said, "This week, our repair partner, E-marine, has taken early action through filing for repair permits through the relevant regulators."

"We estimate that clearance could take up to eight (8) weeks to obtain as part of the statutory process."

The international internet provider also clarified that there was no 100% assurance that the repairs would be finished in eight weeks.

Though the corporation was hopeful that the scheduled repairs to the cable would go through, it was aware of the lingering turmoil near the Red Sea.

The corporation clarified that there was a chance that the tensions would bring up unanticipated difficulties that would affect our timeframe for repairs.

As events develop, we will keep all stakeholders informed on the status of the repair works, and we remain vigilant about the circumstances," the business said.

For both transmission and IP services, the business is still carrying traffic on its cable that connects Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, and South Africa.

The Houthi rebels, who have been assaulting ships via the maritime route, are to blame for the tension in the Red Sea.

Kenya is a member of the US-led task group Operation Prosperity Guardian, which aims to put a stop to the Houth-led assaults on ships.

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