Several people's hearts have been crushed after seeing a video of a Kenyan lady named Sharon Njeri, also known as Shadodo. Blogger Edgar Obare shared the video on his platform.

DJ Brownskin Fullu with his wife Sharon Njeri photo
DJ Brownskin Fullu with his wife Sharon Njeri.

In the video, Sharon's husband seems to be encouraging her to take something that could end up her life. After that, she proceeds to lie down on a seat to get some relief from the discomfort.

In July 2022, Sharon decided to end her own life. She is eventually overheard telling her children that she is going to die.

The footage shows Brownskin's wife mumbling something to the effect of "I'm done." "Tell my kids and everybody else I love them."

DJ Brownskin and Sharon Fullu were married. DJ Brownskin Fullu was her husband.

In the video, a guy who is said to be DJ Brownskin can be seen mockingly asking Sharon to prepare the poisonous cocktail that would eventually result in her death.

DJ Brownskin Fullu's wife Sharon Njeri photo
 DJ Brownskin Fullu's wife Sharon Njeri.

During the whole ordeal, the guy sits back in his chair without doing anything to try to rescue his wife.

At some point, he requests that the housekeeper help deliver some milk, but he makes no effort to assist his wife in any way. Tragically, Sharon was unable to overcome the effects of the claimed poison.

In response to the video that went viral and was first posted on Edgar Obares' BNN forum, many people are now criticising the DJ for not helping his wife in any way.

Sharon, who passed away recently, was married to DJ Brown Skin Fullu Fullu.

In December 2022, Brownskin wrote a touching tribute to his late wife and posted it on all of his social media sites.

"A man is challenged the most when he is on his knees. When he has questions without solutions. When he has to put on a brave face and tell himself, "Be a man," what exactly does it mean to be a man in today's society?

"On July 29th, my life as I had known it up to that point was entirely changed. The events that have taken place during the previous week have jolted me to my very core.


"They have tested me as a man, parent, husband, friend, and performer, but I find solace in the words of Isaiah 43:2 in the Bible.

"When you cross through the waters, I will be with you, and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep you away," the Lord said. "When you pass through the rivers, they will not wash over you."


"If you walk into the flames without taking precautions, you won't be burned, and the heat won't cause you to catch fire."


"I anticipate that the path that lies ahead will be challenging, but I pledge to persevere."


"I want to pledge to my children that I will rely on them just as much as they rely on me. I pledge not to become weary, and I promise to continue providing guidance even while I go along the road of figuring out what it even means to speak of "direction."


"To my family and friends, who have been my rock throughout this adventure, may our mighty God bless every one of you."

In December 2022, Brownskin went on all of his social media sites to remember his late wife, calling her his most valuable possession.


"I hope you have a wonderful birthday, my wife. You are the most precious thing to me, and I cherish you with every fibre of my being. For the rest of this life that I'm living, I'm going to make sure to celebrate you every day.


"Every single one of the memories that we made together will always be a part of me, and I will always make sure to cherish every one of them."


"The only thing that is missing from their lives and mine is your charming smile and beautiful face, which we all loved and worshipped so much."

"Our princess and prince are doing just great; the only thing that is missing from their lives is yours."


"It has always been you; it will never be anybody else; you are the princess. Happy birthday, my wife, from all of us here on earth and beyond!" 

WATCH the Video HERE.

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